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Adventress Living is committed to your being healthy, happy & whole! We provide information about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, exercise and more.

We help you to design and implement a balanced plan that works for you! We support you to reach your goals and fullest potential!

How to look and feel GREAT!

We offer tools for you to create your own vibrant and adventress life! Step by step, you create your own "Live-It!" And, then you "Do it!" with personal mentors and coaches. After each goal, you focus on maintaining it and creating a new goal to achieve optimum wellness. 

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Contact us for local adventurous activities,  Nutrition / Exercise programs and tips for the body, mind and spirit. 

We also offer: Sportswear, Massage & Travel 

Email: judi@adventress.com

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For the children in your life, please visit ADVENTRESSKIDS.CLUB for activities and information. 

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